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ZulliTool from Sarafina


Zullitool from Sarafina Art Each one is hand crafted - https://www.sarafinafiberart.com/pages/techniques-methods


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A wooden wool wonder wand! One of the things that is loved about needle felting is the endless possibilities, not just in what you can make, but in what wool is capable of and innovating techniques and methods. The ZulliTool came to be while wrapping a skewer and Sara thought "If there were a wooden tool of a different size, she could make different useful shapes easily." From there, Sara developed a size and shape that gave the most possibilities for working with and she is still finding more ways to use it. The tool is hand crafted by one woodworker whom Sara met in the Adirondacks in New York. He is carving Cherry wood and finishing with several coats of boiled linseed oil for a smooth finish so it is a joy to handle and wool slides off easily. Each one is unique

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