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Sarafina's Swax


Sarafina's Swax 


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Swax is a Sarafina original product. Sara wanted to create a medium that could be used to both secure and smooth wool. Talbot makes it in house, and it's hand poured into individual molds made by our very own Marsha. Your Swax bar will weight approximately 1.75 Ounces. It is scored to allow easier breaking into usable amounts. Swax can be tinted with our Paverpol Powdered Pigments. Alone, it is a semi transparent light ochre color. (It will tinge white wool. Perhaps, down the road, we will be able to provide a truly clear version. Also keep in mind when you use Blue, it may warm it towards green.) You will also need an applicator for the Swax. We suggest Colour Shapers for this task. Find video's here:

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