Doll making tips and techniques


This method is recommended for use with the organic cotton and is also suitable for all skin fabrics. It is a lovely technique that yields a lump free doll with less stress on the seams.

Forming the Body Parts - with  Keep in mind to roll along the long fibers of the wool and to thin the wool out as you near the end of the roll so the wool will attach to itself.  Joys stuffing tool or chopstick is used for this method.

Following is an excerpt from Joy's 10" Brother/Sister Pattern:

A/ Hands - roll two firm balls to the size that will fit into the hand upto the wrist

B/ Feet - roll two firm sausage shapes to desired length and thickness to fill upto the ankle.

C/ Body -  roll one firm body shape to disered length and thickness

1.  Gather the arm fabric up like a sock up to the wrist and place the hand ball in.  Using the blunt end of a chopstick, press the hand ball in firmly and smooth and round out the outside top of the hand.
2.  Add a small piece of wool by the thumb and fill and shape the thumb with the chopstick.
3.  Roll a wide strip of wool firmly around the Stuffing Tool the thickness of the arm/leg  Turn the chopstick to your desired firmness and, thin out the wool as you come to the end so it will grab onto itself.
4.  Retract the chopstick so that the point is not at the end of the wool. Slip the chopstick [with the wool rolled on it] into the arm/leg and pump the chopstick to fill the wrist/top of foot more firmly with wool.  Pull the arm/leg knit all the way up and over the wool and pull the chopstick out.  Place your thumb in the middle of the arm wool roll to firm up as needed.